December 1971: DON McLEAN - "American Pie"

The only disagreement I remember my folks having was over this song. A very heated exchange took place in the kitchen when it was discovered that Mom hated the song while Dad loved it. I was puzzled as to why a mere radio tune could call up such vitriol, and made a concerted effort to pay close attention the next time I heard it so I could wisely choose which side of the debate I was on.

In retrospect, the fuss over this song was actually about a marriage rapidly unraveling. They never argued or talked about any of their issues, they simply let the problems consume them. “American Pie” was the closest they came to an actual argument prior to their separation, and this song was the only outlet they had for venting their anger.

See and hear the song.


lugnut said...

Just dropping a note since it looked like all/most of the entries on this page had 0 comments, so I thought I'd just let you know that, as much as I've loved your other two blogs, this is just fantastic. (But then, I'm someone cursed/blessed with a "jukebox memory," too.)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Your mom was right, this songs sucks.