May 1971: The RAIDERS - "Indian Reservation"

This song accompanied my Native American Musings while riding bareback on my pony. It was also in mind while playing Cowboys & Indians with colorful plastic figurines from Kreseges. But know that I misconstrued this song as being from the cowboy’s perspective, for both my child mind – and society as a whole – had yet to become Politically Correct, even though Mark Lindsey had.
(Overlook the mustache but) see and hear the song.


Anonymous said...

Just the mere presence of the word "society" in this entry begs the highlighting of the fairly shameless rip-off of the organ coda of "Society's Child" on the coda of "Indian Reservation", also played on organ. This is actually a cover of the original by Don Fardon, I believe, which was also a hit.
Happy Talk

Richard Gibson said...

Funny to see these guys in the early 70's with the slight name change and all...

I have this record, haven't played it in years. Seems like the American imports always had one of their corners cut off for some reason, mine is no exception.

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