September 1971: The PARTRIDGE FAMILY - Sound Magazine

Another Partridge Family album!!!! Sound Magazine thrilled me even more than the previous 2 albums because the songs were better and the David Cassidy pictures were cuter. The longer he grew is hair, the better he looked!

And since they were upping their game, I had to up mine. Mom and I went to see the Walt Disney Ice Capades at the Arena, and afterwards, I got to pick out a souvenir. When I saw a red-rimmed tambourine with Jimminy Cricket’s face on the front, I knew that was a useful addition to my musical arsenal (so far consisting only of a green waffle ball bat bass), as it was an actual musical instrument. The minute we got home, I raced into my bedroom, slapped Sound Magazine on the Zenith, and banged along. It took only a couple of tracks to realize that I was far better at this percussive instrument than Tracy Partridge. Far better.

The best song on the album is “Summer Days.” Mom and I adored it at the time; she didn’t mind me playing it over and over and over again. To this day, every time I play it, I get all weepy and nostalgic for the two of us at that specific moment in time. And to this day, I wish that Frank Sinatra had taken a crack at this song. Slow the tempo down to give it some air, his voice hugging those words, that melody, and it would have been magic.

The Partridge Family - Summer Days.

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