December 1970: LYNN ANDERSON - "Rose Garden"

I suppose this was my first country song, though I thought the record’s lush, string-laden sound was really no different than a Petula Clark song. But since it was country ‘n western, it was the perfect soundtrack to the coolest gift I got that Christmas.

My parents’ friends – Art & Ann Klein – gave me a cowgirl outfit! A matching vest and skirt of red “leather” with white fringe was accompanied by a white cowboy hat adorned with the Ford Mustang logo. When I wore this outfit with my black go-go boots, I looked sharp and felt great. Never once did I wear this ensemble to ride my pony, Sugar. Oh no, this cowgirl outfit was too precious to risk ruining it on an actual horse. Plus, the vest was very versatile, because with a little twist of imagination it transformed into a Partridge Family velvet vest which was worn while diligently practicing my green wiffle ball bat bass playing.

See and hear the song.

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